Cardboard horse

What material is it made of? This horse is made of cardboard. History: This horse is approximately 100 years old. The children used to climb on top and pretend to be a real horse. Here you can see what the cardboard horse is like.


How do you play? We have a counter with 12 empty places (6 in each row) and we put 4 pieces in each empty place. Each player plays with the row in front of him. First, choose a place and distribute the pieces that are always turning to the right. And so all the time. … Read more


Content: – Five bears and a small ball. How do you play? Two or more children can play with the bears. The game is about throwing a ball up and while the ball is in the air you have to plant as many bones as you can, when the ball falls you have to count … Read more


What is needed? Marbles and a small hole in the ground called guà. – What are marbles? Balls one to three centimeters in diameter. They can be made of glass or stone. How do you play? – The players take turns throwing and everyone with their marble tries to put it inside the hole or … Read more