Pink dress doll

This doll is approximately 35 years old. As you can see she is wearing pink shoes, white pants, a pink dress with white dots and a pink hat with white dots that is tied with a string around her neck. Here you can see the doll.

The devil

This doll is approximately 30 years old. As you can see, he wears a black cape that is tied with a cord around his neck. Afterwards, he wears a red jumpsuit with circles of different sizes in the center of his suit, one yellow, one white and one black. This costume has a red hood … Read more

Mary Poppins

How is it? This doll has brown hair and gathered with two pony tails. His face is small and round. She is wearing a white dress with pink seams, white shoes and a white and pink umbrella. How old is she? She is approximately 60 years old. Here you can see Mary Poppins.