Pink dress doll

This doll is approximately 35 years old. As you can see she is wearing pink shoes, white pants, a pink dress with white dots and a pink hat with white dots that is tied with a string around her neck. Here you can see the doll.

The devil

This doll is approximately 30 years old. As you can see, he wears a black cape that is tied with a cord around his neck. Afterwards, he wears a red jumpsuit with circles of different sizes in the center of his suit, one yellow, one white and one black. This costume has a red hood … Read more

Fire truck

This truck is approximately 35 years old.   As you can see at the bottom of his description, it’s a red truck, with a few seats in the front and three firefighters in blue suits, and black helmets. If you take the ladder and climb it up you can hear the sound of sirens. Here … Read more

Blue car

This car is approximately 30 years old. This car has an approximate size of 10 cm as you can see its color is sky blue. Its wheels are black with a gray interior. In the front it has some seats and in the back too. It only has two side doors and the trunk. Here … Read more

Patufet magazine

This magazine was a children’s magazine written in Catalan, mainly called En patufet, published between 1904 and 1938. Later, approximately between 1968 and 1973, he was renamed Patufet. How did this magazine disappear? This magazine disappeared when the number 137 was published, which corresponded to December 1st, 1972, the magazine made a worrying call: either … Read more

TBO magazine

TBO was a comic magazine in Spanish and Catalan written some articles in Catalan. It was a children’s magazine, with a humorous genre. Until 1983 its publishers were BuÏgas, Estevill and Viña, but later it was published for a time in 1986 by Editorial Bruguera, and between 1988 and 1998 by Edicions B. This magazine … Read more

Cardboard horse

What material is it made of? This horse is made of cardboard. History: This horse is approximately 100 years old. The children used to climb on top and pretend to be a real horse. Here you can see what the cardboard horse is like.


How do you play? We have a counter with 12 empty places (6 in each row) and we put 4 pieces in each empty place. Each player plays with the row in front of him. First, choose a place and distribute the pieces that are always turning to the right. And so all the time. … Read more


Content: – Five bears and a small ball. How do you play? Two or more children can play with the bears. The game is about throwing a ball up and while the ball is in the air you have to plant as many bones as you can, when the ball falls you have to count … Read more


What is needed? Marbles and a small hole in the ground called guà. – What are marbles? Balls one to three centimeters in diameter. They can be made of glass or stone. How do you play? – The players take turns throwing and everyone with their marble tries to put it inside the hole or … Read more